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Justin is a director/designer known for producing print and digital design with intelligence, integrity and craft. His approach is realistic and creative, supported by creative strategy and UX design with intellectual appeal to shape people's opinion and perception. Justin uses design to enhance the entire user experience and help businesses launch products, brands and ideas.

Based in Indianapolis, for over 13 years Justin has served a global roster of clients at all stages of business growth — from startup to established enterprise in industries including, but not limited to, consumer technology, manufacturing, environmentalism, non-profits, SaaS platforms and professional services. His leadership at Sogeti USA strengthens the agency’s growing areas of expertise available to clients. It is ultimately Justin’s serious, yet personal approach that continues to earn clients’ trust and colleagues’ respect. His intensity, in-depth research and concern about details consistently forge strong partnerships, big results and a reputation for making things happen — clearly communicating ideas to a wide variety of key stakeholders to create shared understanding.

For Justin, his well-established, repeatable processes keeps him highly accountable for the work he does and leads to better results for clients, every time. The discovery phase, in-depth research, strategic planning, creative implementation and program evaluation methods Justin thinks about dig deep into a brand so he can effectively tell its story across all forms of media, from print to interactive technologies. The collaboration with engineers, product managers and end users keeps him creative and passionate about design.

At the end, Justin likes taking part in meaningful projects offering help, information and an enjoyable experience for the users. He has a simple mission: To produce the highest quality of work for every client, on every project.

He currently works at Sogeti USA.




These values are how Justin does business, how he approaches relationships
and what acts as his north star.

01. Excellence

  • The greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising when we do.
  • Work hard—be nice.

02. Design

  • Great design isn’t just seen, it’s felt.
  • Leave room for magic.

03. Innovation

  • See wide-open spaces where others see boundaries.
  • If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.

04. Passion

  • Deliver a great sermon and you'll get more people to church.
  • Don't just get ready, stay ready.

Clients Served

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